Maybe not all men are scum… but at leaste 86% of them I know are!
I hate that they play with your feelings, just so they can get what they want. They can sa what ever without appearing desperate! But when YOU say hello, or at least something you feel, you look like a comlete idiot.
One day you are the girl in their life, and on the other you don’t even exist. It’s even worse when they actually are your friends, but suddenly they get the taste of popularity and forget you like a piece of shitt…

I have a tendency to expect to much and “fall in love” very quickly. So I guess I don’t have the right to say they are dogs, since I’m apparently the dumbass here! Why can’t I find a nice and funny, but still attractive guy who likes me for who I am?

How can I dislike them so much, but still adore them?

All I want for x-mas is… you! Sweet yet depressing.


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