Oh well, new day new opportunitys! That’s a saying in Norwegian. I think sounds good in English too, hehe.
This morning it was reeeally difficult to weak up and brush my teeth, because it is so dark and cold both inside and out- I can still feel that I’m pretty darn tired.. which means that I’m going to bed early! BUT, first I have to do all my freakin homeworks, gahh..
But before my I do my homeworks I thought I might write about myself, not only so you can get to know me better, but also because I enjoy to write about myself, to be quite honest!haha..

I’m a girl, born and raised in Norway since 1991. My parents are pinoys – and am pretty darn proud of it – and I have two older brothers.
My dream and goal in life is to find happines, which means -> not bothering about everybody else and what they think, just live my life – the way I want, and become a successful dentist. Is that to much to ask for? I don’t think so, because I belive that nothing is impossible! I think…yes and hey, I’m a very irresolute person. Lack of self-confidence?


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