Hey hey, you you, I wanna be your girlfrie…never mind, ugh IDIOT!

OK, so I have been thinking about this boy who I danced with on the party I wrote about belove here.
We attend at the same school, and he belongs to class-A while I belong to C. Last week, the week after the “birthday-party -weekend”, I was afraid that I would meet ‘him’ in the hallway, but all in the same I wanted to see him, and see if he would greet me. And because of all that I applied make-up everyday including eyeliner, last week (haha, I think I look even better with eyeliner)
I thought I had a little crush on him. Unfortunately I did not see him that whole week, and I forgot him a little bit

However, this week began and suddenly after class on Monday I was walking – alone – out of the pavilion, I saw him coming out of the school building. I have not had a crush on anybody on a L-O-N-G time, so the sudden tickling feeling in my stomach confirmed my little crush on him.
Sooo… just walking and walking and walking a little more, I approached him (and his friend) hoping he would look me straight in the eyes and say one simple “Hello”. But heeey, he turned around and threw a snowball on his friend just when I walk passed them. So I just continued walking past him thinking “What an IDIOT… Can’t even say a freakin’ hello!” and then “What?! I am the Idiot here – expecting him to notice me”
But I have changed my mind, He is the rude one here.
What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t even bother to say a little hello?
Oh.. maybe I’m exaggerating

I wish I had some delicious cupcakes in pretty wrappers! I deserve a treat.. haha.

I wish I had some delicious cupcakes in pretty wrappers! I deserve a treat.. haha.


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